[Al Asr... A Moment]


Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 2:53 AM

Can we still be friends?
Please answer me this...
Because truly, and honestly...
Your friendship I do miss...

You said we'd always be friends,
And I said "that sure is right"
But I guess you changed your mind now,
Because no longer are we tight...

I know I did you wrong,
If I could change that, I would do it fast...
But what about what you always say?
"Don't live in the past"

It seem that...you, are doing,
I can not get my point across...
And messing up things with you,
Has completely been a major loss...

And I’m sorry for what I’ve done so far,

And I know its hard for things to be normal again,

Maybe someday it will, but not today


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