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Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 8:09 PM

Sunday is here…or in the other words another weekend coming to an end.

and today i am enjoying my Sunday morning view from the balcony, with a nice cup of coffee. i think its been long time since i’ve been doing this. just gazing at the open view for half and hour, letting my mind wandering while enjoying the beauty of nature (luckily there is not much “civilization” back here..haha).

i dont know why, but lately i always daydreaming, recalling all sort of things in my mind, recalling what i’ve done so far, all my sins and all my fault and others thing that i’ve done.

surely, there is lot of regret, grief, and not to be forgotten all those happiness and joy that i had. but when i think back, life is like nature which i saw from my balcony. its keep changing, some trees will grow, some birds will die, some building from arose from afar and nothing stay as it is for long period. but i hope i’ll be like a big tree, giving shade to people who in need, providing fruits for whom in hunger and even when the tree die later, people can still use it parts.

and i hope my view on things, my opinion, my thought will be as wide as what i can view from the balcony, not just what can i view from my room.



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