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Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 9:49 PM

what do you feel if you have been diagnosed with cancer?

for a lot of people, they will think it as the end of your life. your body gradually become weak, your day to day activity all but gone and after that, you just lying on your deathbed, waiting for the time where your soul will be taken away from your body. well, not all cancer will end up badly. its all depend on the type of cancer and also the time of diagnosis.

yesterday, as i’m having surgery posting right now, my group have been to Sai Baba Cancer Hospital as our lecture has promised us to show some cancer patient case. we have 2 patient with squamous cell carcinoma of tongue and the other one is a patient with squamous cell carcinoma of esophagus. its not the cancer that bother me, but the way the patient facing the malignancies itself.

there is one patient who have been diagnosed with advance stage of Ca of tongue, where it already involve the lower jaw and submandibular nodes. for sure, the prognosis is bad for this patient. but from his face, its like he already accepted the situation which he needs to deal, the pain, the suffering, the uncomfortable symptoms and not to be forgotten the cost. i’m not sure there will be a lot of people who has the same spirit like him. but i am very sure he has not given up the battle yet… since he was continuing his radiotherapy regime.

there is also other patient who broke down, crying for what they have been facing. some patient also just stare blankly to the surrounding… maybe a sign of losing hope, maybe a sign of regret or maybe they have already raise their white flag. yes, it is easy to talk about the battle, about the treatment or about what they will be facing if they had any advance stage of malignancy.

but lets think for a second.

what if it is us who in their place… how are we going to accept it? are we going to continue our fight even the chance is less than 5%? do we will get angry? are we ready to leave the world where there is a lot of thing we want to accomplished? how my family will continue their life if i’m not there?

so be thankful with what we have today. God give us a healthy body to walk on this earth, to do what we should do and to leave behind what we should not. don’t destroy the gift that has been bestow upon us… protect it, treasure eat. imagine, just one bad habit can give rise to a lot of severe disease, like tobacco chewing.


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