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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 7:00 AM

27 days to go and so far so good…i hope i can keep on like this till the end.

like other people said, happiness will not come to you out of nothing. u need to search for it, u need to maintain it and you need to be careful with it too. but for me happiness is not everything. its useless if u are happy but inside your heart, there is no “at peace” factor.

why? because you may laughing from morning to noon but at the end of the day all the good feeling gone, and sadness may come after that and make your day end badly. everything has its limit. to be happy has its limit, to be sad also has it limit. but what matter after all if the inner you. for me, its better to be sad but my heart is at peace so that i can deal with each emotions wisely.

as what my friend said to me, no matter how sad you are inside, try keep smiling, try to keep strong and try to make everything like normal.

at first im not quite understand with what he said but now i think i found the meaning. if u are sad, or u show urself in a deep trouble, it will affect the people around you. imagine people will talk about in and the problem will go on and on. i like to said to myself… if u are in trouble or if u are suffering from something, juz carry the burden alone… dun let other people carry unnecessary burden in their life.

the main thing is, juz stay strong even u are in trouble, practice “husnul zan”. “salamatus sadri” and juz think any problem that come to you as a lesson and one of the way Allah want to make u stronger.

keep walking… keep moving… and never stop


And that it is He Who makes laugh, and makes weep.

And that it is He Who causes death and gives life

(Surah An-Najm, 43-44)


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