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Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 10:40 AM

maybe some people are right when they say “just go on with the flow of time”

yup… its better for me to move on rather than hoping for things to become normal again.

by the way, almost all the people change in their life… and they come and go in your life.

its not about how long you know the person, sometimes even you have befriend a person for 10 years…it is might be meaningless.

but few moments spent with someone who really cares for you means more than life itself

it is just how you appreciate people around you. don’t expect people will appreciate you, or be nice to you if you cant do the same thing… or even treat the person with respect.

some people can be very nice to you over the phone, or in the web… but what matter the most is how they treat you in the reality, how they talk to you and how they appreciate you or are they there when we need that person the most.

just think about it for a few moment…. and open up your eyes


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