[Al Asr... A Moment]

|1.36 a.m|

Monday, July 26, 2010 at 1:20 PM

still can’t sleep due to a nice cup of coffee and a plate of homemade kueyteow goreng.

without realizing ( i think i realize actually), only 21 days left for me before leaving this place.

with a lot of things to pack and a lot of business to be settled, sometimes i forget that i should make the most with the time left for me in Manipal.

i dont know how to describe the feeling to leave this place… happy… a little bit sad… relieve… all the feelings mixed up… not sure which one is the dominant.

22/3… its the date where the 5th semester commence and now its already 27/7… time pass by quite fast eh? and just few months i’ll be 23. its like not too long ago i celebrated my 22nd.

for sure, i’ll miss this place later… 3  years, quite a long period (it should be 2 and 1/2 years if ……………) but for sure (too) its because of the place, the environment and not because of the “tempe” (not being racist… its the truth).

enough of babbling, lets hope everything will be fine in the last few days in Manipal… and then… i just wanna have a good long rest… and ready for the next semester.



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