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Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 9:35 AM

updating blog before block exam…

well, actually there is nothing i want to talk about… maybe sharing something will be good.

do you guys ever have one moment in your life, where you need to deliver a speech, and you have prepared for it but during the critical moment, everything seems entangled in your mind, you have the idea but you cant find the words. well, it happens to me, not 1 time but a lot of times… maybe my public speaking skill is not good. i would like to call it “inexpressible cloud of thought”. sounds like something from Theory of Knowledge for IB student isn’t it?

and here i would like to apologize if my presentation on the topics that i delivered on last saturday is not good enough and i think it is so, or there is certain parts where you guys can’t understand. there is a lot of things i want to say but everything seems to be entangled. actually i have done some study on the topics and the background of the author, who is one of the great journalist and Muslim scholar, Abul ala Maududi and also as-Syahid Syed Qutb.

back to the topic, sometimes i think my hand are faster than my mouth. there is always a moment when i want to talk about something and i have a concrete idea about the topic but when i start to speak everything seems messed up. maybe because i have some nervous disorder? haha

but i wonder why it does not happen when i am involved in discussion? maybe the “feeling in a group” give different mood to the person involved. maybe.

by the way try to read the book (Manhaj Hidup Muslim) when you have some times to kill. besides there is a lot of good books about Islam that we dont discover yet. try to get some suggestions from anybody who is a “pro” in this field. 

last but not least…. pray for the best for me and my friends for the incoming block exam :)


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